Mecons Tag Helper

The Mecons Tag Helper Library comes with 30+ components, controls and UI widgets. Mecons provides a full Keenthemes Metronic Admin Theme integration. Mecons is distributed as an enterprise library which can easily installed via NuGet.

Supported Platforms

The Mecons Tag Helper Library is only available for ASP.NET Core Web Applications. The following target frameworks are supported:

Target Framework Version Target Framework Moniker (TFM)
.NET Standard 1.6 netstandard1.6
.NET Standard 2.0 netstandard2.0


In order to use Mecons Tag Helper Library properly, you must meet certain requirements:


For those in a hurry, here's a quickstart guide that allows you, as an advanced developer, to get started quickly with Mecons.

(1) Download the latest version of Mecons Tag Helper Library from CodeCanyon.

(2) Download the latest version of Metronic Admin Theme from ThemeForest.

(3) Open Visual Studio 2017 and create a new ASP.NET Core Web Application.

(4) Add the following service registrations to the ConfigureServices method in Startup.cs:

using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Infrastructure


public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)

    services.AddSingleton<IHttpContextAccessor, HttpContextAccessor>();
    services.AddSingleton<IActionContextAccessor, ActionContextAccessor>();

(5) Copy the assets folder of your choosen Metronic Theme into wwwroot of the project.

(6) Copy the whole Metronic Theme markup of index.html into your layout page /Views/Shared/_Layout.cshtml and correct all css, image and javascript paths (e.g. into ~/assets/).

(7) Place @RenderBody() method into layout page.

(8) Move all javascripts into the <head> of the layout page.

(9) Install Mecons NuGet Package with Package Manager Console:

PM> Install-Package BSolutions.Mecons -Source C:\Downloads\<UNZIPPED MECONS FOLDER>\

(10) Add the following lines to /Views/_ViewImports.cshtml:

@using MyCompany.MyApplication
@using MyCompany.MyApplication.Models
@using BSolutions.Mecons.Enumerations
@using BSolutions.Brecons.Core.Enumerations
@addTagHelper *, Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.TagHelpers
@addTagHelper *, BSolutions.Mecons